Rules of the Theme Park

  1. Take your own swimming clothes and towels with you to the theme park.
  2. Choose clothes according to the weather (even for rainy weather).
  3. The theme park dayticket gives right to use all the attractions for several times (the number of times you can use one attraction is unlimited but the duration of one time is limited. Exception: you can drive maximum of 3 x 4min with a kart)
  4. Parents take full responsibility for their kids in the theme park.
  5. Parents, guardians or attendants have the obligation to look after their children in the territory of the theme park.
  6. It is not allowed to ruin any inventar nor to litter.
  7. Always put the trash into the trash can.
  8. Without a premission it is not allowed to enter any building or a part of a building that is not meant for public use.
  9. Do not damage nature in the theme park.
  10. Keep order in the theme park.
  11. The employees of the theme park do not take any responsibility for accidents, unless they are caused by the disfunction of the attractions in the park.
  12. It is not allowed to take pets with you to the theme park.
  13. Parking in the parking lot is on your own responsibility.
  14. Smoking is prohibited (it is allowed only in the smoking area which is marked that way).
  15. Any violation of the rules is enough of a reason to eliminate you from the theme park.