The theme park is open all year round

In the theme park, you can see what was going on 100-150 years ago in the manor house, the manor stables, the Ait kuivti, the interpreters’ stables and the distillery – and try your hand at the various small attractions. To make it easier for guests to get around, guests can use a guide app that helps them find attractions and historical videos.

Welcome to the Manor Theme Park, where time stops and the past comes to life!

We are open all year round, welcoming visitors from Tue-Sun 11:00-16:00.

Step inside the historic walls and discover the magic of our theme park. Our old buildings house a range of exciting interactive games and period activities that bring to life the charm and lifestyle of the manor era. Fun stories and engaging videos will take you back in time.

The Manor Theme Park is designed to suit all the family. We offer fun activities and games that teach history in a playful way. At the same time, there is the chance to delve into the mysteries of history while enjoying the manor park and the beautiful atmosphere.

Come and spend a day full of discovery and laughter! The Manor Theme Park – a place where the past comes alive and where every visitor has the opportunity to be part of history. Welcome to the magical world of our time machine!